True Gold

As a nation, we love gold. We buy it, store, it, save it and flaunt it. Since the start of the Commonwealth Games earlier this week, it seems that the kind of gold India should be obsessed with is the kind we're winning at the Commonwealth Game! The Commonwealth Games are on, and Indian players … Continue reading True Gold

Celebrating the Chipko Movement

Most Indians feel very strongly about our roots, our communities. It is no wonder that many of our strongest, citizen-led movements for change have come from that space. One such movement, which we need to revisit today, is the Chipko Movement of 1973. It changed the shape of conservation in India. 45 years ago to … Continue reading Celebrating the Chipko Movement

Impossible you say? Not for us!

This video is the story of how India made One Person, One Vote a reality. The greatest experiment in India’s democratic history is indeed, the creation of universal adult franchise. Universal Adult Franchise means that the right to vote should be given to all adult citizens without the discrimination of caste, class, colour, religion or gender. It is based … Continue reading Impossible you say? Not for us!

Women at the heart of our Constitution

Last month marked the 69th year since India’s Constitution came into power. While it may be a document on paper, our Constitution is the keeper and protector of the rights, responsibilities and values that shape us as a country. Its chief architect - the great Babasaheb Ambedkar - is revered by millions around the world. … Continue reading Women at the heart of our Constitution

10 young changemakers who made India proud in 2017

2017 was a key year for India in terms of innovation, movement building, arts and cinema, business, politics, and more. We saw a lot of young leaders and changemakers who raised their voices, spoke truth to power, and whose ideas led to shaping mindsets and moving us forward. Here’s a look at 10 such changemakers, … Continue reading 10 young changemakers who made India proud in 2017

Patriotic reads for the end of the year

Reading is magical. For children, it is the foundation of learning and education. For adults, it brings comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. It feeds our imagination, helps us to empathise and appreciate a new perspective. It is no surprise, that reading also helps re-ignite patriotism. It fuels a passion and love … Continue reading Patriotic reads for the end of the year

The Story of our Constitution

26th November is Dr Ambedkar's birthday and celebrated in India as the Constitution day.  The Constitution is the country’s supreme law and not only defines the framework of the basic political principles but also establishes what the different government institutions should do in terms of procedure, powers and duties. It contains fundamental rights, directive principles and … Continue reading The Story of our Constitution