Right to Privacy

Human Rights are what makes the world go around. They protect our dignity, our humanity and serve as a refuge for advanced and troubled societies alike. Human Rights are interrelated, indivisible and interdependent. According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, "It is the duty of each country to promote and protect all human rights … Continue reading Right to Privacy


India at 70, reminiscing and looking towards unity

In our 70 years of independence, India has several achievements to its credit. We built a modern economy, remained a democracy and lifted millions out of poverty. Our transport systems, especially the railways, are a miracle in themselves. Can you imagine all that it would take to run a system that links 8500 railway stations in … Continue reading India at 70, reminiscing and looking towards unity

Platforms for Civic Participation in India

India is the youngest major nation in the world. Around 40% of India’s population is below 20 years of age. Ensuring a bright future for the next generation is largely the responsibility of the previous generation- that is our generation. While the various governments in power since independence have tried to do that their success … Continue reading Platforms for Civic Participation in India

Our Presidential Election

Today on 17th July, the leaders of our nation will cast their vote to elect the country’s 14thPresident. Dr Pranab Mukherjee, our 13th President and statesman of the highest calibre will complete his tenure on 22nd. Any Indian national over 35 years of age with the support of 50 MPs or MLAs can forward his/her … Continue reading Our Presidential Election

The Story of Solutions and Change

 In our first blog for the month of June, we spoke about the Story of Stuff. We spoke about small but effective ways in which to cause change for the betterment of the environment in our own communities and neighbourhoods. Today, we bring to you the story of solutions and change. The Story of Change … Continue reading The Story of Solutions and Change

The Story of Stuff

We have too much stuff in our lives. We have the new stuff we buy, the stuff we store and the stuff we discard. Everything we own will one day be discarded. And a lot of what we own is toxic, and sometimes, we don’t share well. Do we wonder where all our electronic, food … Continue reading The Story of Stuff

Mobile Citizenship

As a society, we are more interconnected than ever before. It is a technologically driven world and mobile apps are instrumental in helping us be better citizens. They make it easier for us to engage with the community, local government and report issues of civic importance to the authorities in question. Here are some apps … Continue reading Mobile Citizenship