The Story of Solutions and Change

 In our first blog for the month of June, we spoke about the Story of Stuff. We spoke about small but effective ways in which to cause change for the betterment of the environment in our own communities and neighbourhoods. Today, we bring to you the story of solutions and change. The Story of Change … Continue reading The Story of Solutions and Change


Inspiring stories from our cities and villages

It’s a remarkable time in India. Our cities and villages are progressing and prospering economically and socially. This blog brings stories from three of these places. These are indeed examples to follow and celebrate. A crime-free village in Maharashtra  Anandwadi village in Maharashtra’s Latur district seems no different from most villages in the country to a … Continue reading Inspiring stories from our cities and villages

Celebrating environmental champions

June 5th was World Environment Day. In our blogs and newsletters last month, we discussed climate change and what democracies need to do to make sure we protect the planet from further disaster. This month, we celebrate a few Indian individuals who are already doing their bit and spreading the message of peace, love and … Continue reading Celebrating environmental champions

Democracy and climate change

Last week, Rajasthan’s Phalodi recorded the highest temperatures ever of 51 degrees Celsius. Following closely was Churu at 50.2 degrees. April 2016, was in fact, the hottest month ever recorded globally and the seventh month in a row to have broken global temperature records. Figures released by Nasa over the weekend show the global temperature … Continue reading Democracy and climate change

When the world visits India

Every May and June, we are rewarded with mangoes and summer holidays. We look forward most to escaping the heat in search for new adventures and experiences out of home. A new village, town, city or country becomes home for a few weeks and we come back refreshed. India, too, receives millions of travelers every … Continue reading When the world visits India

Curiosity and Empathy

If we were to empower our children with two skills for their lifetime, it would be curiosity and empathy. In fact, the great unlocking of curiosity translated into a cascade of prosperity for the nations that precipitated it. Hence we at Desh Apnayen have made it our business to inspire values of curiosity and empathy … Continue reading Curiosity and Empathy


Our topic for this month is deceptively simple. Responsibility. It has been an underlying theme of many of our blog articles and newsletters, so today, we thought of discussing it more fully. Take a moment to close your eyes at this point and think of the word ‘responsibility’. What images come to your mind when … Continue reading Responsibility