Leading the way to India’s second golden age

August is a special month for the entire country and Indians globally. We stand prouder, walk with our heads held higher. August signifies autonomy, victory and independence. On that note, we wish all our readers globally a very happy 70th Independence day! It also reminds us of how far we have come and how far … Continue reading Leading the way to India’s second golden age


Curiosity and Empathy

If we were to empower our children with two skills for their lifetime, it would be curiosity and empathy. In fact, the great unlocking of curiosity translated into a cascade of prosperity for the nations that precipitated it. Hence we at Desh Apnayen have made it our business to inspire values of curiosity and empathy … Continue reading Curiosity and Empathy

Celebrating education with Desh Apnayen

The last few weeks have been extremely special for Desh Apnayen. We have had the good fortune of honouring teachers and school leaders of Mumbai, who, on a daily basis, are inspiring their students to engage with the country. They are doing so by emulating best practices in citizenship education in their classrooms, implementing our … Continue reading Celebrating education with Desh Apnayen

The Spirit of the Indian Child

So far, in the Desh Apnayen blogosphere, we have spoken about what makes us proud of our country, our crowning achievements as a nation, social innovations to uplift our community, and what makes us responsible citizens. The work we do today is so we can create a better country for all, and raise children who … Continue reading The Spirit of the Indian Child