Celebrating environmental champions

June 5th was World Environment Day. In our blogs and newsletters last month, we discussed climate change and what democracies need to do to make sure we protect the planet from further disaster. This month, we celebrate a few Indian individuals who are already doing their bit and spreading the message of peace, love and … Continue reading Celebrating environmental champions


When the world visits India

Every May and June, we are rewarded with mangoes and summer holidays. We look forward most to escaping the heat in search for new adventures and experiences out of home. A new village, town, city or country becomes home for a few weeks and we come back refreshed. India, too, receives millions of travelers every … Continue reading When the world visits India


Our topic for this month is deceptively simple. Responsibility. It has been an underlying theme of many of our blog articles and newsletters, so today, we thought of discussing it more fully. Take a moment to close your eyes at this point and think of the word ‘responsibility’. What images come to your mind when … Continue reading Responsibility

Celebrating education with Desh Apnayen

The last few weeks have been extremely special for Desh Apnayen. We have had the good fortune of honouring teachers and school leaders of Mumbai, who, on a daily basis, are inspiring their students to engage with the country. They are doing so by emulating best practices in citizenship education in their classrooms, implementing our … Continue reading Celebrating education with Desh Apnayen

My dreams for India

Spring is here. The winter is receding, and dreams of a new, fresh start fill the air. The flowers are blooming, and farmers are planning their harvests. Flash back to a similar time in 1967, twenty years post our independence. Young men and women born on Independence Day in 1947 were selected from different parts … Continue reading My dreams for India

A promise to ourselves

Happy New Year! A new year brings with it many promises. We at Desh Apnayen too are brimming with courage and positivity. We strongly believe the only way to secure our future and protect our nation is active engagement from all of us. We will only go as far as we want to go. Desh Apnayen … Continue reading A promise to ourselves

Making democracy work for all from the grassroots

Women in India have had the right to participate in our democratic processes since independence. In fact, our political system requires women to be elected in certain leadership positions under our reservation system. As a part of the same, over the past 20 years, our government has extended a series of measures designed to ensure … Continue reading Making democracy work for all from the grassroots