The Story of our Constitution

26th November is Dr Ambedkar's birthday and celebrated in India as the Constitution day.  The Constitution is the country’s supreme law and not only defines the framework of the basic political principles but also establishes what the different government institutions should do in terms of procedure, powers and duties. It contains fundamental rights, directive principles and … Continue reading The Story of our Constitution


Winning the War on Plastics

  In our last blog, we spoke about the war on plastics. The pollution caused by plastics and microbeads is dangerous and can wreak unprecedented havoc on the planet. Plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest. While the condition is grim, unique and simple stories and solutions for change from around the world are … Continue reading Winning the War on Plastics

Right to Privacy

Human Rights are what makes the world go around. They protect our dignity, our humanity and serve as a refuge for advanced and troubled societies alike. Human Rights are interrelated, indivisible and interdependent. According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, "It is the duty of each country to promote and protect all human rights … Continue reading Right to Privacy

Our Presidential Election

Today on 17th July, the leaders of our nation will cast their vote to elect the country’s 14thPresident. Dr Pranab Mukherjee, our 13th President and statesman of the highest calibre will complete his tenure on 22nd. Any Indian national over 35 years of age with the support of 50 MPs or MLAs can forward his/her … Continue reading Our Presidential Election

The Bills in the Right Direction

Our government, in the last few months, has passed remarkable acts and bills that aim to bring about more social and financial welfare for us, the people. First, what is the difference between an ‘act’ and a ‘bill’, you may ask? Well, legislative proposals are brought before either house of the Parliament (Lok Sabha or … Continue reading The Bills in the Right Direction

Inspiring stories from our cities and villages

It’s a remarkable time in India. Our cities and villages are progressing and prospering economically and socially. This blog brings stories from three of these places. These are indeed examples to follow and celebrate. A crime-free village in Maharashtra  Anandwadi village in Maharashtra’s Latur district seems no different from most villages in the country to a … Continue reading Inspiring stories from our cities and villages

Citizenship education through fun and games

According to UNESCO, the idea of ‘citizenship’ is said to be as old as settled human communities. Indeed, the English word ‘citizen’, like the French word ‘citoyen’ is based on the Latin word ‘civitas’, which means “people united in a city or community”. Indeed, citizenship has its roots in the idea of active participation in … Continue reading Citizenship education through fun and games